Does that sound fair?

I had returned to writing after a gap of around 15 years. Medium seemed like a great writing platform, and it has been a month since I joined.

I love their feature-rich and creator-oriented interface which made life easier. The ease of using title tags, quote tags, the nifty SEO…

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I never thought that ‘burnout’ will be something that would affect me. I was comfortable in my job as a school teacher until Covid-19 threw its curveball.

Ever since the pandemic forced my school to move online, I’ve been going nuts trying to balance work deadlines and spending time with…

And transformed me from a teacher into a Guru

Two small girls in traditional Bhutanese attire at a festival, smiling at the camera.

Wisdom isn’t gained exclusively within the four walls of an institution.

This very mantra made me take a big step in life, 17 years ago, one sultry afternoon in the south Indian state of Kerala.

I boarded a train on one of the longest journeys across India — over 3000…

I just post stuff on Facebook!

Person in black long sleeve shirt using MacBook Pro to blog

“Devour any printed material you ever get your hands on.”

This was my father’s advice for me and my sisters. There was a tiny shelf in the living room of our small cottage, brimming with books by writers from far and near.

I was a voracious reader. I loved writing…

A Covid-positive story from this Indian state.

A kid looks at the TV playing a video lesson on the KITE VICTERS channel

When the Covid pandemic hit, what would you expect from a place like India which has a population of nearly 1.4 billion? Obviously unmanageable loads on the system.

That is exactly what happened too. Every other activity including schooling lost priority to that of saving lives. …

Matt George

Teacher by profession but learner by nature. Blogs at

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